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Thanks for being interested in collaborating with us on Instagram! We look forward to shared process of creation and inspiration.
After your application is approved, you will receive an invitation to design your own custom map piece for free (value $159). In exchange, Talia Sari will receive 4 high-resolution photo files + 1 post + 2 stories on your Instagram account.   



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About us

At Talia Sari’s studio we make one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces based on map grids.

Customers can easily design a unique map piece of a meaningful place. From their childhood home, to where they met their loved ones, an unforgettable trip and everything in between. The idea was launched on Kickstarter in 2017, successfully raising over $150,000 in 30 days. Since then we've made thousands of unique map jewelry pieces, each one with its own design and story.

Talia's work has been published in the world's leading design and lifestyle magazines and blogs, and sold in some of the most iconic stores in NYC including the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum, The New Museum, the new Showfields store and more.)

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