You Are Here Map Builder - Troubleshooting

The personal map creator is a newly developed interface and there are still some improvements to be made. If you are not seeing the page as shown in the video guide, please read these troubleshooting tips, and feel free to contact me if further assistance is needed.

I don't see the map
It might be a web browser issue, please try Google Chrome or IE.

The map isn't changing to show my address
After starting to type in your place, suggestions will show below.
elect your place from the suggestions for it to show on the map.

How can I access the map builder?
After choosing a password, go back to the invitation email and continue to step two with the link to the 'You Are Here' map builder. Make sure you are logged in on with the same email and password that was created in step one. And don't forget to use your coupon code when checking out :)