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My first jewelry collection, You Are Here, began as a concept for the bi-annual jewelry exhibition in the Eretz Israel Museum. Under the title Sequences;Identities, the exhibition examined the traditional perception of jewelry as “a visual declaration of social status and identity,” in a time when a change has been made possible by annulling hierarchies and creating identities that are based on merging and fusing, thus producing a sequence of possibilities.

Talia Sari Jewelry in the Israeli Jewelry Bienial

Based on the brief, I designed  a collection inspired by city maps. Each city is uniquely influenced by its street grid - at times intricately winding and dead-ended, at times perfectly aligned. Understood without words to locals and yet anonymous to strangers.

 The city grids in 'You Are Here' are something between abstract and realistic in my eyes. One can at once be drawn to the aesthetics of a grid as a composition of lines, and also have a personal, nostalgic story, linked to the city it represents - relate to the piece in two levels. In my jewelry I try to tell a story that is somewhat hidden and needs to be discovered.


There are 9 cities in the collection, all of them are places close to my heart. Choosing the composition is the first step in the process of creating a piece, I try to include iconic landmarks, such as the ‘Place de l’Etoile’ in paris or New York’s ‘Central Park’, but aesthetics are also considered. 

After the exhibition, I started developing the conceptual project into the jewelry line that can now be found in my shop.

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